How to Make Money on Chaturbate

How to Make Money on Chaturbate


So there you are, you are locked down inside your house, you check your bank account and you get depressed because your funds are dwindling down with no source of income. Stressed and distressed you want to release all that negativity boiling inside, so you decide to reach down on your dick/pussy. You go in your room, lock the door and start opening porn sites, but you feel that you want something more interactive so you open Chaturbate. You find your fave broadcaster and send in your last tokens. They give you the show you wanted until you finally cum in pleasure.

As you lay in your bed got yourself thinking, “Can I use my horniness to earn too like those in Chaturbate?” The answer is a moaning yes! So in this article, we will share some tips on how you can earn through Chaturbate.

Chaturbate Your Way to Riches – Show Me the Money!

Most of you may have used Chaturbate or have heard it somewhere, but for those who have never heard of it, Chaturbate is a website that offers live webcam action or pre-recorded videos for you to enjoy through utilization of tokens. Tokens are the virtual denominations you can use to tip broadcasters to make them do your bidding or you can use these to buy certain merchandise from the broadcasters. So how do these tokens translate to money for you? In general, there are two ways to earn using this site; one is to be an affiliate the other way is to be a broadcaster.

How can I receive payouts from Chaturbate?

Now for those who want to earn while being immersed in the action, then being a broadcaster is the job for you. We have discussed how the token system for Chaturbate works for the viewers, for the broadcasters, the tokens they receive during a live show are accumulated and are translated to cash. The pay-out is given consistently every 2 weeks and is credited using these channels:

Direct deposit
Firstchoice Pay
Check or Wire Payments.

How much are Chaturbate tokens worth?

One token is equivalent to 5 cents (US dollars) so if you are able to gain 1,000 tokens in an hour that translates to $50/hour! To help you visualize it more you can check below token conversion for reference:

20 Tokens = $1.00
100 Tokens = $5.00
500 Tokens = $25.00
1,000 Tokens = $50.00
10,000 Tokens = $500.00

Things you need to know before starting

Earning in Chaturbate sounds easy but it is also challenging and before you start counting the chicks before the eggs hatch, there are some things you must have before becoming a broadcaster:

You must be 18+ to be a broadcaster – It is required as per law that no minors are allowed to showcase their bodies for monetary compensation. You will have to provide proof of your age by sending IDs or other pertinent documents. Once you have submitted the requirements, you will wait for Chaturbate to verify your age which usually takes less than a week.

A good and reliable internet connection – Nobody wants a broadcaster that disconnects regularly or someone who freezes and buffers every now and then. To ensure a smooth ride for the viewers, this is a must.

Good computer hardware and accessories – So your internet connection is top notch, like a good and level highway, now you must have a good and reliable car too. Since you will entice your viewers into giving tokens, it is important that your camera and your microphone are clear and crisp. Also your computer or laptop must have good specs that can accommodate your live stream. Freezing during a broadcast can cause you to lose viewers.

Tips to Maximize Your Earning Potential!

So those are the technical aspects in being a broadcaster in Chaturbate, however how much you earn depends on how well you sell yourself to the audience and how long you can keep them locked in on you. So here are some tips for you to maximize your earning potential.

Be open minded – Being a broadcaster, you have to fulfil the requests and demands of your tipping viewers. As a newbie this may come as a challenge but you have to keep your mind open to these to entice and keep tippers. You can set limits on what you can do but this will also limit your income.

Find your niche – You are not the only broadcaster, this is a given, so you have to compete for the attention of the viewers. As much as possible you have to make yourself unique so that you stand out among the hundreds of broadcasters. Find your strong points and build your reputation around them.

Performance is the key – Being able to do requests for tips is one thing, but being able to do them in a way that satisfies the viewers is a different thing. You have to engage and encourage your tippers, to do this you must be expressive in everything you do on cam.

Utilize various built in bots and apps – top earners and performers use different bots and apps that can make your broadcast exciting and token generating. They have apps where you can set tip milestones that equate to certain rewards or actions for you to do. They also have an app that you can use to automate a sex toy that will vibrate for every tip you receive. Explore and utilize these tools for a better stream.

Build your fan base – if there is one thing you must have observed with celebrities and personalities is that their fans are their main source of income. As a broadcaster, it would be beneficial if you gain loyal fans who will gladly tip you every time you are online. You can tease and engage with them using social media and you can set up specific schedules when you will do a show for your fans to tune in to. This way you can have a consistent inflow of money.

Be dynamic – once you have established yourself and your niche, you must also plan ahead and be able to offer something new. Doing so makes you consistently relevant to entice more viewers and to keep your current ones excited.

You should be able to read between the lines – there is a fine line between being consistent to your niche and adding something new. You should be able to balance the two to be truly successful. If you see that the viewers are getting bored, change it up a bit. If the viewers are not interested with the new stuff you offer, go back to what works then find something new later on.

Learn when to play your cards – During a broadcast you don’t immediately get into the action. Like in sex, foreplay is an integral part of the process, so you must learn how to tease your viewers and make them super turned on to make them tip you more to continue the action.

Additional Ways to Earn Money on Chaturbate – Extra Cash for You

On top of these, there are also other possible sources of tokens in Chaturbate. One you can trade in pictures, merchandise or even private shows for tokens. You can also sell pre-recorded videos for those who missed your live broadcast. You can also earn by becoming the top streamer in Chaturbate. They give out $10 and $5 respectively for the top and second most viewed broadcaster per hour.

This line of work is not that easy, for it takes a lot of mental fortitude and stamina, however this can be financially rewarding especially in the current economic situation brought about the pandemic. But if you really enjoy doing erotic stuff and you are willing to offer your services for others to see, then this is for you. You can earn money and cum in the end, a perfect combination indeed.

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