Cockyboys Review

Cockyboys Review


When you see the name there are two things that come into mind, one is that it contains boys that are adventurous, confident and wild and the other is that the boys here have fat and bulging cocks. Browsing their content, we can say that both are true. The theme of the site seems to revolve to duality, the site’s main colors are Red and Blue, Red representing the devillish and Blue on the other hand angelic. Like saying that it can give you the best of two worlds, the kink and hardore and the pleasurable and passionate. The actors are a perfect mix of fresh and seasoned dicks but one thing they have in common, is that when they act in front of the camera they show that they like to fuck and get fucked. The the goods they are offering on face value is promising, but is it worth your investment? Continue to read and find out.

What to Expect

The site has been operational since 2007 but it wasn’t a big hit during its early years, it was when it was acquired by the current CEO where major changes happened and bumped up Cockyboys to the upper echleons of the gay porn industry. As we expect the old contents have lower quality but the new HD contents have piled up taking majority of their contents.

The major selling point of is their array of hot boys. They have a wide selection of boys with varying builds and sizes. They have twinks, twunks, jocks, muscled and petite. Models are also inter-racial offering a buffet of dicks, so there is something for everybody to enjoy. The good thing too about their actors though most are relatively new or fresh, when they perform infront of the camera, they give it all! No hint of shyness or awkwardness, it gives you a feeling that they really enjoy what they do. You will definitely enjoy every hardfuck, rimjob, double penetration, flip fuck, facial, masturbation, orgy and more that these actors do with so much gusto.

To one up the high quality meat they have, the presentation and how they serve these delectable boys truly set them apart to other porn sites. The videos, photos, sets, locations, dialogues and story lines are good especially on their mini-series where the line separating pleasurable pornography and good story telling is blurred.


To date they have around 1100+ videos which is kind of small taking into consideration that it has been online for 13 years. As mentioned earlier the new releases and the majority of these are HD in quality and the only low quality vids are the old videos. When you subscribe, you have the power to download all of their content but to an extent this is possible because all their vids are DRM-free. They have a download abuse clause wherein you won’t be able to download further if you have exceeded a certain limit in a short span of time. On the other hand, they have a feature wherein you can choose the quality and format of the video to be downloaded which is very useful.

Though majority of their content are made by, they also have some videos that are from other studios. They have models that are exclusive to and they also feature some freelancers or even actors from other porn sites. Some don’t like the idea of mixed contents, but the more dicks the better right?

Another good thing about is the wide variety of categories and genres which you can easily access at their site. Bareback, Facial, Cumshots, Cum eating, Flip fuck, Solo, Group, Double Penetration, Oral, Deep throat, Uncut, Toys and Kinks, Twink, Jocks, Outdoors, Muscled, you name it they have it. They also have extra contents like behind the scene videos, mini series and specials for you to enjoy.

User Interface

It’s easy to maneuver around their site either on PC or mobile which is very good. When you open it you will already see the hot boys in different poses. They have featured actors on slideshow, then you can see the newly updated and the popular videos once you scroll down.

On the main menu bar you can easily check the site’s content. With the Browse button you can filter videos by latest, most popular, categories/genres and mini-series. You can also browse all their exclusive and freelance models. You can check the brief descriptions of the models and you can see all the videos where they are starring. They also have a button where you can access their Mini-series, Extra contents and their DVD store. In addition, a search button wherein you can search for keywords you are interested in is found on the upper right side of the page. This is very convenient for the users

Updates usually uploads 2 in-studio videos per week and one video from a different source, which would explain the slow build up of their gallery. We should also note that good things take up time, with the quality of their videos, it would be understandable that they don’t rush uploading them. One downside is the much slower update of their mini-series videos which a lot of the subscribers clamor for.


Overall rating

The good
The bad

One Month: $29.95 recurring
Payment Options: VISA, PayPal, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, Diner

Number of Videos: 20+ videos

Categories: Latina, Dominican, Exotic, Hardcore, Amateur, Solo, Masturbation
Launched: 2012
Content Updates: No recent updates flunks when it comes to the number of videos in its collection, but it makes up by providing its members with exclusive scenes that show how amateur Latina porn should be. The models are all Dominican girls, mostly young and innocent. Some review sites will tell you that these girls are nothing but prostitutes picked up in the streets of the Dominican Republic, but we disagree. We’re looking at how inexperienced these girls are, which is the reason why this site is a worthy proposition. If you are tired of those carefully thought out bedroom scenes and fake amateurs in your porn subscriptions, then this one should give you a fresh perspective.

  • All scenes are exclusive
  • Videos are presented in high definition
  • Genuine amateur scenes
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • The video collection is extremely limited
  • Scenes are only for streaming, no download option
  • The site has no recent updates

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