Jschoolgirls Review

Jschoolgirls Review


Who could forget their fantasy fucks when they were in high school? Steamy scenes with a sexy hot teacher, or a teasing blossoming classmate, filled our heads even right in the middle of an algebra quiz. These thoughts linger in our minds until adulthood. In porn these days, one of the most popular and successful erotic plots is one that involves a young fresh girl in school uniform. Jschoolgirls.com takes you back to those golden memories, fantasies, and more.

What to Expect

The name of the site states it loud and clear. It’s hard to resist going through pages and pages of scenes of nubile Japanese students in various states and positions of lust and exploration. The lure of the youthful vibe of a Japanese girl in half-open white uniform blouses and white panties peaking underneath short skirts is hard to ignore. Jschoolgirls promises to take you to different moments where young giggling Japanese chicks explore the different corners of their bodies and sexual curiosity.


Jschoolgirls.com showcases 604 video scenes and 218 DVDs available for streaming or download. Screencaps are onsite for preview or download. The collection features 134 youthful AV models. The content is authentic, whether uncensored or censored. There are scenes featuring any kind of situation you can imagine a school girl to be in. Of course, you have the all-time favorite playful girl in blouse and skirt uniform getting it on with a classmate or teacher. It’s just awesome to see glistening pussy in between spread legs in knee-high socks. What is special about Jschoolgirls is that it also has scenes where the students are also in P.E. uniforms as they satisfy their curiosities with classmates in the locker room. Banging on the teacher’s desk – Check! Sneaking into the school toilet for a quick cock-slurp – Check! How about an “invisible man” frigging a young girl having breakfast with her dad before going to school? You bet! Jschoolgirls.com is a good review of fantasies you’ve already seen on video and a bunch of others you would be oh-so-glad that someone thought of making.

What makes membership in Jschoolgirls more awesome is the fact that it is not just access to their main content. Memberships also give you access to 21 other sites specializing in various niche Japanese Adult Videos. Parallel in content sites like JpTeachers.com and the extremely popular Alljapanesepass.com are all available in the same network.

User Interface

The main page of Jschoolgirls.com opens up with a gallery of scenes of sexual exploration and satisfaction. Just clicking on a scene will bring you to a page with a video player window accompanied by 10 screencaps. Right here you can decide how you want to enjoy your video – either streamed online or downloaded. Video quality is good, allowing you a good view of every drip of sweat, saliva, and juice. Except, of course, for limitations in mosaic (pixelized) videos and screencaps. You can also select the size and quality of the video you wish to play or keep.

If you are looking for something in particular, you can do a search by section: Videos, DVDs, Models, Categories, or Tags. You can even jump to the other accessible sites by clicking on Network which is also on top of the home page.


Each section has a counter to show how many videos are in the collection. Even opening by category, you will get this information. The growth of the collection would be noticeable to regulars because Jschoolgirls.com does daily updates with at 2 to 3 new video uploads. DVD updates may not be as regular but sometimes there would be as much as 12 new titles added in a month.


Overall rating

The good
The bad

One Month: $29.95 recurring
Payment Options: VISA, PayPal, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, Diner

Number of Videos: 20+ videos

Link: https://toticos.com/
Categories: Latina, Dominican, Exotic, Hardcore, Amateur, Solo, Masturbation
Launched: 2012
Content Updates: No recent updates

Toticos.com flunks when it comes to the number of videos in its collection, but it makes up by providing its members with exclusive scenes that show how amateur Latina porn should be. The models are all Dominican girls, mostly young and innocent. Some review sites will tell you that these girls are nothing but prostitutes picked up in the streets of the Dominican Republic, but we disagree. We’re looking at how inexperienced these girls are, which is the reason why this site is a worthy proposition. If you are tired of those carefully thought out bedroom scenes and fake amateurs in your porn subscriptions, then this one should give you a fresh perspective.

  • All scenes are exclusive
  • Videos are presented in high definition
  • Genuine amateur scenes
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • The video collection is extremely limited
  • Scenes are only for streaming, no download option
  • The site has no recent updates

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