Joymii Review

Joymii Review


Joymii finds success in combining hardcore action and passionate sex, unlike any other. The site advertises its content as an erotic collection that focuses on the art of making love. Of course, the hardcore element remains, and it would probably fail without the usual pornographic stuff. Nevertheless, there is a higher level of sophistication that we do not find in any site. The girls are exceptionally gorgeous, while the performances and scenes are prudently thought out. If that doesn’t impress you, then you should find time to read the rest of this review.

What to Expect

When you think of hardcore porn, the first thing that usually comes to mind are girls getting fucked hard and looked upon as an object by a guy packing a huge dick. For the most part, hardcore porn sites offer this type of content since it is what most people want. But Joymii attempts to break convention by providing a more passionate and sensual approach to lovemaking. The website produces love scenes that retain the concept of hardcore but adds a little romance to it.

Expect every video in this collection to be exclusive, and the people behind Joymii stays true to the promise of making high-quality scenes throughout. So, even with a limited number of videos to offer, you are getting your money’s worth at

Content prefers to market its pornographic content as “sensual” and “erotic,” which is an excellent ploy since it creates a high-quality impression. But it is wrong, or at least inaccurate to say that it is softcore. The truth is all the scenes in this site are the opposite of softcore. You see the usual stuff, but with a slightly improved production and presentation. By the word “usual” we mean lesbian fuck, masturbation and solo performances, fingering, blowjobs, creampie, and threesomes. These are, by no means, soft.

We are more inclined to call the scenes s “high-end” pornography, and that is supported by our observation of gorgeous models, superb camera angles, and excellent makeup. But Joymii’s signature is its romantic instrumental musical theme that precedes the sexual encounter. The music eventually faded in the background and replaced by the classy (for the lack of a better term) moan.

Sadly, Joymii does not offer any bonus content to its members, and the video count is less than 500 as of this writing. But then again, there’s no way you can complain about the quality. All the videos are exclusive, plus you get to save them in full high-definition.

Aside from its classy and high-quality videos, Joymii also excels in its photo offering. Each video comes with a corresponding gallery of high-resolution photos. You can download the photo sets of each scene into zip files.

User Interface

The site’s design and layout go well with the image that Joymii wants to portray. It has a modern look and straightforward navigation. You get everything you need on the homepage, where there are links to the photo and video section. There’s also a dedicated “models” section which includes previews and basic information.


Joymii won’t win any competition for the number of videos in its collection. Still, we noticed that the website had been consistently adding new content every week for the past several months. There are at least four new scenes each week. It wouldn’t take long for the collection to reach a thousand videos if the site is consistent with the updates.


Overall rating

The good
The bad

One Month: $29.95 recurring
Payment Options: VISA, PayPal, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, Diner

Number of Videos: 20+ videos

Categories: Latina, Dominican, Exotic, Hardcore, Amateur, Solo, Masturbation
Launched: 2012
Content Updates: No recent updates flunks when it comes to the number of videos in its collection, but it makes up by providing its members with exclusive scenes that show how amateur Latina porn should be. The models are all Dominican girls, mostly young and innocent. Some review sites will tell you that these girls are nothing but prostitutes picked up in the streets of the Dominican Republic, but we disagree. We’re looking at how inexperienced these girls are, which is the reason why this site is a worthy proposition. If you are tired of those carefully thought out bedroom scenes and fake amateurs in your porn subscriptions, then this one should give you a fresh perspective.

  • All scenes are exclusive
  • Videos are presented in high definition
  • Genuine amateur scenes
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • The video collection is extremely limited
  • Scenes are only for streaming, no download option
  • The site has no recent updates

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