Legsjapan Review

Legsjapan Review


Everyone’s got a fetish or special fantasy, whether we admit or not. The fascination and fetish for legs cross different cultures. The Japanese seem to have mastered the art of putting such a quirky desire into beautiful images. Legsjapan.com takes the lead in the exposition of this sensual obsession to the world.

What to Expect

On top of the main gallery page, they clearly state their promise. It is their guiding principle as a purveyor of porn. Legsjapan.com is committed to satisfying your foot and leg fetish with the best Japanese models online.

Right off the bat, you can see they have authentic Japanese darlings with beautiful and delicious legs. The previews are more than enough to impress you and convince you to linger and sign up for more. The collection of videos in Legsjapan.com showcases a wide range of foot and leg jobs, lingerie, domination, and so much more.


Legsjapan.com content quality is impressive. Videos are in HD and even the photos are high quality. The content is exclusive and uncensored. They have a great mix of hardcore and softcore videos. Not everything is about tugging a guy until he gets off on her feet, legs, or ass. Legsjapan.com also has delightful solo videos of the sweet and beautiful girls posing, staring right into your eyes while playing with their feet. You would not be able to look away from a sweetheart naughtily bent over, looking back at you with her round ass and juicy thigh right on your face.

Legs Japan is an expert in crafting awesome scenes. You will indulge in the beguiling emphasis on the smoothness, curves, and sensuality of the legs and bodies of the ladies. Scenes are directed in a way that the girl is in the center of focus. The guy, if there’s one at all, would only be partly seen. Maybe just his cock and the lower body would be visible. It is, after all, what the site is all about — the sensuous feet, legs, and body of a sexy girl you want to fuck. Even the butt-rub scenes are mesmerizing.

There are 484 scenes in full HD available for download and streaming. The scenes run from about 6 to 15 minutes. Each scene comes with a pretty substantial photoset. They have 70 gorgeous models featured. The names and faces may not be familiar but you’ll soon have a lot of favorites in the line-up. All so young, fresh, and captivating!

User Interface

Site navigation is pretty easy are graphics are simple. You get huge preview screens that play 30 seconds of the scene shown. Below this screen are 4 enticing screencaps. Each scene shows basic info about the video like its duration, number of photos, and tags.

Clicking on the “Girls” tab will open the model index. Hardcore foot and leg fetish fanatics keen on following their favorites models will love this because there is a profile that lists the vital stats of the girls including foot size, leg length, and thigh width (with illustration). Below the profile is a small gallery of the scenes and photo sets featuring the particular girl that you can click on.

Another interesting feature of the site can be found at the bottom of the main page. You will see the “Music” tab and it will show you a list of the background tracks played in the scenes. Quite unique!


The collection has bumped up considerably over the recent years. In a week, there would be updates with 2 to 3 new videos and/or photosets. Sometimes the photoset comes in first and then the video will follow the next day. For those with favorites, you can see easily track this in the model index. In general, the update frequency is about the same as other sites at its level.


Overall rating

The good
The bad

One Month: $29.95 recurring
Payment Options: VISA, PayPal, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, Diner

Number of Videos: 20+ videos

Link: https://toticos.com/
Categories: Latina, Dominican, Exotic, Hardcore, Amateur, Solo, Masturbation
Launched: 2012
Content Updates: No recent updates

Toticos.com flunks when it comes to the number of videos in its collection, but it makes up by providing its members with exclusive scenes that show how amateur Latina porn should be. The models are all Dominican girls, mostly young and innocent. Some review sites will tell you that these girls are nothing but prostitutes picked up in the streets of the Dominican Republic, but we disagree. We’re looking at how inexperienced these girls are, which is the reason why this site is a worthy proposition. If you are tired of those carefully thought out bedroom scenes and fake amateurs in your porn subscriptions, then this one should give you a fresh perspective.

  • All scenes are exclusive
  • Videos are presented in high definition
  • Genuine amateur scenes
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • The video collection is extremely limited
  • Scenes are only for streaming, no download option
  • The site has no recent updates

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