Tokyo Face Fuck Review

Tokyo Face Fuck Review


A good blowjob is arguably the next best thing after a full-on pussy pounding. No decent site porn site would have cock-sucking in their collection. Even further, niche sites specializing in this have grown through the years. Tokyo Face Fuck is one of many that have chosen this slippery path. How well has it done since its launch?

What to Expect

What has is pure face fucking without the fancy production and quirky storylines. Scenes are very nicely executed. This, in spite of just having the shot the action in what seems to be a small or tight room, usually with a dark background or curtain behind, and with a piece or two of furniture. This results in minimal distraction to anything in the set making the scenes all the more intense. The girls are young (well, since Japanese women typically young for their actual age) and really hot.


Tokyo Face Fuck has 236 videos in Full HD in its collection. Videos, per usual, come with high-resolution photos. If you like rough blowjobs and gagging then this will blow your mind (and load) on this. Again, the simple yet intense scenes highlight the submissiveness of the sultry nymphs.

You can thank Amaterasu and the rest of the Japanese gods because the videos are uncensored and original. You can clearly see the misty eyes and straining lips of these sweet babes as they take in as much cock as they humanly could. You can see the transition from the smooth pounding of cock at the beginning, then soon to the heavy, sometimes even brutal, pounding down into the throat of the gagging but grateful babe. By the time she’s choking on thick meat, you’d probably also be brutally choking your chicken. Upon climax, she will proceed to indulge further by playing and slurping on thick cum.

Naturally, the main category here is face fucking. However, you will see varieties in terms of little “themes” in the scenes. For example, varieties related to costume or clothing (or lack thereof). There’s a lot of faces in school uniform fucked here. Uber erotic scenes with leashes and chains, along with lingerie also abound in

User Interface

There’s no way to get lost or confused on Tokyo Face Fuck. The main tabs are simple. You can jump to the models of choice or got through the main library starting with the latest updates.

When you select a scene, you can choose to stream or download it. Either choose also has options for file size to suits your needs and technical resources. Photos are also available for download in ZIP files.


For the first few years of had regular updates twice a week. Apparently, there had also been a gap of some years before new content arrived. It is hard to tell when and how many new uploads came in if you don’t regularly visit the site because videos are not time-stamped. Updates have been quite unpredictable. If updates do come in, they are usually released in two parts.


Overall rating

The good
The bad

1 Month: $34.95 (recurring)
2 Months: $54.95 (recurring)
4 Months: $79.95 (recurring)

Number of Videos: 236 (streaming and download)
Format: MP4 Full HD

Categories: Amateur, Bondage Blowjob, Bukkake, Deepthroat, Domination, Lingerie, Uniform
Launched: 2011

The scenes on their own are top-notch. If face fucking totally gets you off then the quality of the videos and babes on Tokyo Face Fuck will not disappoint. However, as there is already a lot of pixelated or mosaic Japanese porn out there, it’s a pity that one that is dedicated to raw, authentic and uncensored face fucking is lacking in terms of numbers. Perhaps it would have been great if there were bonus sites included. Nonetheless, is still worth visiting and signing-up to by virtue of the quality of its content. After having survived for many years, you can be optimistic that soon enough things will start picking up pace again.

  • Raw and authentic Japanese porn
  • Simple yet intense scenes
  • Beautiful and erotic models
  • Lack of content updates
  • Interface a little too simple and basic

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