Toticos Review

Toticos Review

1 deserves merit for taking it a step further when it comes to Latina hardcore porn. Every fan of adult entertainment craves for hot Latinas with shaved pussies and curvaceous bodies – but there is something unique about those from the Dominican Republic. Well, Toticos is one of the first sites to acknowledge that, which is why it exclusively offers Dominican models. The one behind the camera is a black guy with some connections. He looks for girls everywhere with his camera and knows a thing or two about convincing them to undress and have sex for the camera. It’s not a new concept, but this website deserves your attention.

What to Expect

It’s not a one-man show; there’s a bunch of guys who tour the country, mostly in the beaches to look for hot young Dominicans who they see as girls who crave for big cock. But while the theme is eerily similar to many other reality-based sites where guys with cameras pick up girls for sex, this one has something different to offer.

Your first visit to the site will take you to the tour, where you will instantly notice that the site is legitimately amateur. The recordings are messy in a good way; it means that everything is real. You see these guys having a conversation with a prospect, making you admire on how they pick up such beautiful girls. If you’re looking for something as close as it can get to reality porn, this one checks all the right boxes.


The website boasts exclusive scenes of Dominican girls who love sex. These hot Latinas want some cock and jizz, which is why they quickly get naked. We can’t say for sure why is stuck to 20 videos, which is a shame since every single one of them is fresh, legitimately amateur, and offers hardcore Latina sex. Another thing missing is the photo sets, which kind of surprised us because most of its competitors contain photo galleries of the models. It would have been quite an experience getting “stills” of these fine young Dominican amateur porn stars.

One of the unique things about is that it portrays Dominican girls with exclusivity. So, if you’re looking for blondes, Europeans, and Asian porn material, this isn’t your cup of tea. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing – especially when you’re treated with dripping Latina pussy. The small collection and the lack of recent updates may deject most prospective subscribers, but with fresh faces and a unique take on reality porn, we believe it is worth the try.

User Interface

The website only has a few pages to offer, but it also means navigation is never an issue. The developers appear to have a massive liking on thumbnails because they’re wholly imposed to the point that the text looks overly minimalist. While most porn fans would like to see thumbnails and previews, putting some more details on every video wouldn’t hurt either.

Our biggest criticism is reserved on the lack of information, especially on the entry of new content, if there’s any. The site looks as if it wasn’t carefully thought of because of this.


It was more than five years ago when the website last updated its collection. That’s a definite red flag for anyone who plans to pay for the $29.95 monthly recurring fee. The only reason why you should consider spending that money is out of curiosity, especially when you watch the site tour. It is not like it’s the smallest collection out there. Yes, there are other porn sites with less than 20 exclusive scenes. One thing that can improve on is adding some bonus content or sites for improved viewership.


Overall rating

The good
The bad

One Month: $29.95 recurring
Payment Options: VISA, PayPal, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, Diner

Number of Videos: 20+ videos

Categories: Latina, Dominican, Exotic, Hardcore, Amateur, Solo, Masturbation
Launched: 2012
Content Updates: No recent updates flunks when it comes to the number of videos in its collection, but it makes up by providing its members with exclusive scenes that show how amateur Latina porn should be. The models are all Dominican girls, mostly young and innocent. Some review sites will tell you that these girls are nothing but prostitutes picked up in the streets of the Dominican Republic, but we disagree. We’re looking at how inexperienced these girls are, which is the reason why this site is a worthy proposition. If you are tired of those carefully thought out bedroom scenes and fake amateurs in your porn subscriptions, then this one should give you a fresh perspective.

  • All scenes are exclusive
  • Videos are presented in high definition
  • Genuine amateur scenes
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • The video collection is extremely limited
  • Scenes are only for streaming, no download option
  • The site has no recent updates

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